Closeout Programs

Closeout Vinyl Program

With over 60 years experience with the vinyl mills, Fabric Supply receives first choice of closeout vinyls when they become available. We stock a large inventory of closeout furniture vinyls, automotive vinyls, marine vinyls, and industrial vinyls. Some of these vinyls are small yardage items and some are stocked with several hundred yards. All are either first quality or inspected seconds, and all are sold on an availability basis. Please Inquire.

Closeout Fabric Program

Fabric Supply buys bulk closeout automotive fabrics and stocks them in Minneapolis. Most of our fabrics are purchased in lots no smaller than 300 - 500 yards. These fabrics are usually the type that will cross over to furniture applications and auditorium/church applications. The colors and styles vary but they are all sold at a fraction of their original cost. Please Inquire.