• Advantage 14 ounce Coated Polyester Industrial Vinyl
  • 'Advantage Vinyl' Coated Polyester - 61 Inches Wide - 14 Oz - Black


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    Advantage Vinyl has been specially developed for truck cover and tarpaulins, and can be used in many other indoor and outdoor applications. Advantage Vinyl is made with high tenacity polyester and special PVC Resin. Using top quality material enables Advantage Vinyl to be outstandingly resistant, dimensionally stable, have a high resistance against mildew, oil, salt, sunlight, and tear.

    Additional UPS charges apply on materials 60” or longer.


    • Truck Covers
    • Tarpaulins
    • Construction Curtains
    • Pond Liners
    • Concrete Curing Blanket
    • Flexible Container Bag
    • Agricultural Cover
    • Swimming Pool Cover
    • and Many More


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