47-0789 Boat Vent III
  • 47-0789 Boat Vent III
  • Boat Vent 3


    Product Info


    Boat Vent 3 is an unique improvement over the Boat Vent II's venting. The Boat Vent 3 provides roughly 40% more venting while still tenting your boat cover, preventing mildew and mold. Molded from the highest UV inhibited plastic, it can be installed to virtually any boat cover. Its overhanging top allows in less moisture while 30 teeth on the washer provides a firm, secure grip for your cover.

    • ​No reinforcement piece needed
    • Installs in less than 15 seconds
    • Improved venting and grip
    • Protects against snow loads or heavy rain vs. sew in vents (will not allow pole to rip or tear cover)
    • Size - 4.75" W x 4.75" D x 2.00" T



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