ESS-1714 Metallic Light Blue
  • ESS-1714 Metallic Light Blue
  • ESS-1722 Bright Red
  • ESS-1724 Saddle
  • ESS-2929 Metallic Light Turquoise
  • ESS-2929 Metallic Light Turquoise Sierra
  • ESS-3718 White
  • ESS-4834 Dark Brown
  • ESS-5110 Red
  • ESS-5111 Claret
  • ESS-5197 Camel
  • ESS-5198 Carmine
  • ESS-5818 Charcoal
  • ESS-6057 * Medium Dark Gray
  • ESS-6060 Light Saddle
  • ESS-6121 GM Dark Blue
  • ESS-6122 Dark Carmine
  • ESS-6215 Garnet
  • ESS-6260 Dark Blue
  • ESS-6262 Cognac
  • ESS-6339 * Beechwood
  • ESS-6461 Flame Red
  • ESS-6526 Dark Red
  • ESS-6611 Light Gray
  • ESS-6693 Graphite
  • ESS-6694 Medium Gray
  • ESS-6758 Light Grey
  • ESS-6880 Adriatic Blue
  • ESS-958 Black
  • ESS-958G Black
  • ESS-9917 Snow White

EnduraSoft Core Sierra

* Color

Product Info

Special Characteristics: Heat Sealable, Oil resistant, Sulfide resistant, Compatible with Commercially Available Adhesives


  • Abrasion Resistance: Heavy Duty Wyzenbeek
  • UV Stabilized Pigments: 300 Hours
  • Cold Crack: -10°F

*Flammability Requirements: 

  • Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302
  • California Technical Bulletin 117 Section E


  • 54" Wide
  • 30 Yards rolls
  • 32 oz per Linear Yard
  • Thickness: 1.02 mm
  • Class Rating: ASTM D 3690 Class

FORBID is a unique topcoat developed by Enduratex™ for enduring beauty and performance for vinyl products. It dramatically increases the stain resistance, while preserving the integrity of the fabric luster and softness.


Method 1: For most common stains and spills, use mild soap and water.

Method 2: If method 1 doesn't work, use the following household items; Fantastik®, Formula 409®, or Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser.

Method 3: For tougher stains use a 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe.

All cleaning methods must be followed by a thorough rinse with clean warm water and patted dry.

Method 1: dirt, pen marks, blue jean

Method 2: dirt, pen marks, ketchup, mustard, lipstick, nail polish, blue jean

Method 3: pen marks, sharpie, paint, ketchup, mustard, lipstick, nail polish, blue jean.

The Enduratex™ care guide addresses the performance of Forbid products as indicated in product testing, conducted under laboratory conditions. Results may vary under actual conditions. The information contained in the care guide is not a guarantee and does not relieve the user of the responsibility of proper and safe use of a product and the use of recommended cleaning agents. The use of certain agents has been found to be harmful to the surface appearance and lifespan of vinyl, please familiarize yourself with those substrates for best results.

Enduratex™ topcoat, FORBID, is resistant to most common stains; however, existing dyes and pigments in some staining agents have been seen to create a permanent stain if not properly treated in a timely manner.

*This term and any corresponding data refer to typical performance in the specific test indicated and should not be construed to imply the behavior of this or any other material under actual fire conditions.

Formula 409® is a registered trademark of the Clorox Company®.
Fantastik® is a trademark of DowBrands, Inc.®, trademark of the Dow Chemical Co.®.
Mr. Clean® is a trademark of Procter & Gamble.
Enduratex™ is a trademark of CGPC America Corp.


  • RV
  • Automotive
  • Office


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