JET-001 Blue Turquoise
  • JET-001 Blue Turquoise
  • JET-001 Blue Turquoise
  • JET-002 Bonanza Gold
  • JET-003 Brilliant Bronze
  • JET-004 * Citrus Orange
  • JET-005 Cool Blue
  • JET-006 Copper Penny
  • JET-007 Crystal Water
  • JET-008 Diamond Jubilee
  • JET-009 Retro Red
  • JET-010 Glowing Flame
  • JET-011 Gold Rush
  • JET-012 Imperial Green
  • JET-013 * Just Peachy
  • JET-015 Lime Green
  • JET-016 Lone Star Silver
  • JET-017 Majestic Purple
  • JET-018 Mint Green
  • JET-019 Black Pearl
  • JET-020 * Radiant Rose
  • JET-021 * Ruby Red
  • JET-022 Saffron Yellow
  • JET-023 Summer Lightening
  • JET-025 Sunshine Yellow

Enduratex - Jetstream

* Color

Product Info

UV Stabilized Pigments: 500 hours

Abrasion Resistance: Heavy Duty Wyzenbeek

Class Ratings: ASTM D 3690 Class A

Special Characteristics:
Compatible with commercially-based adhesives

Meets Flammability Requirements:

  • California Technical Bulletin 117 Section D
  • Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302

Treated with anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agents (AATC Test Method 147-1993) to resist the following:

  • NYS63/ASTM G-21-90: Pass.

Cleaning Instructions:
This product should be cleaned with mild soap and water. Do not use alcohol based cleaners.

* This term and any corresponding data refer to typical performance in the specific test indicated and should not be construed to imply the behavior of this or any other material under actual fire conditions.


  • Auto
  • Conference Room
  • Executive Seating
  • Lounge Seating
  • Residential
  • Marine
  • Spa/Massage Tables


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