20-7683 One-Way-Lift® Sockets
  • 20-7683 One-Way-Lift® Sockets
  • 20-7684 One-Way-Lift® Clinch Plate
  • 20-7687-FS 8-32 x 3/8
  • one way lift fastener

One-Way-Lift® Fasteners

20-7684, 20-7683, 20-7687-FS, 20-7688-FS

* Unit Type

Product Info

20-7684, 20-7683, 20-7687-FS, 20-7688-FS

One-Way-Lift® directional locking fasteners lock on three sides and are opened by lifting the fourth side.

100 per package

Use #66-1189 eyelet cutter for cutting holes.


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