SEM Marine Vinyl Coat
  • SEM Marine Vinyl Coat
  • 'SEM' Marine Vinyl Coat Prep


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    SEM Marine Vinyl Coat Prep removes contaminates and temporarily softens vinyl for refinishing, promoting adhesion of top coat. The 3 part system effectively restores sun-faded or stained vinyl seats to a “like-new” condition. Improved UV resistance will keep your refurbished seats looking beautiful for years to come.

    • Elastomeric coating—will not crack
    • Excellent for vinyl and plastic
    • Increased UV inhibitors
    • Color pallet that matches popular marine colors
    • Smooth, consistent finish
    • Hides stains, fading and properly prepped mildew


    Part of the SEM Vinyl Coat system used to restore or change most marine vinyls and plastic.


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