Should You Use Foam or Densified Fiber?

Scrap Foam Recycled

Fabric Supply stocks and fabricates dozens of different foams in a variety of densities and compressions. FSI can cut most foams as thin as 1/4” and as thick as the bun is high (up to 48” ). We can fabricate as wide as the bun width (up to 84”) and as long as the bun length (up to 110”). Contact us for any foam need...standard size or bun size sheets or cut to size parts… most foam orders ship the same day. See pages 69-84 for details.

But Wait...

FSI stocks over 100,000 board feet of off-spec foams (millrun) at all times. These foams are constantly changing and are sold at a fraction of the regular price. Call our customer service representatives for availability and pricing.

Fabric Supply also stocks densified fiber in 4” sheet sizes that are more applicable for some projects than foam. We stock 4” sheets in all the camper sheet sizes …..24”x72”.....30”x72”.....39”x72”…..and 54”x72”. This product is F.R., highly densified and easily splittable to any thickness less than 4”. This product allows water to pass straight through. Great for outdoor applications. See page 83 for details.

Now You Have a Choice!